A Note on the future of Wzrd tech

Here at Wzrd tech, we have always tried our best to provide high quality service in the form of fast & free shipping, low prices and 24/7 live chat support this has resulted in growth in some areas and due to this we have had to scale back our product offering in order to maintain a high quality of service, Thankfully we are now in a much better position and are pleased to announce we will be expanding our product offering over the course of the next few months, read more below on what our plans for the future include.

The PC Part store is coming back with more features.

In 2021 we started out selling PC parts online, this was pulled from our product offering shortly due to a massive increase in the volume of gaming related sales but now we are pleased to announce that we will be reintroducing these and we will be adding a custom PC building platform allowing you to Compare, select and match compatible parts online and have one of our skilled engineers put your dream PC together.


Yes thats right Furniture, but not any furniture, we will be introducing High quality, Visually stunning desks, shelves, chairs and more to help you get that true gamer vibe going, Need inspiration for that ultimate gaming room we got you head on over to our Instagram @wzrdtechshop to see some of the best setups handpicked by us.

More Tech!

Tech its in our name, and we are crazy about it! over the coming months we plan to add Consumer electronics ranges to our offering, this includes Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Laptops, TVs, Monitors and much more further bringing us a step closer to being your go to store for everything tech.

Earth needs help to?

Much like other establishments around the globe we here at wzrd tech believe in preserving the planet for the next generation in order to do this we must recycle and reuse wherever possible that is why we will be introducing a buyback program for video games and electronics as well as offering certified refurbished products to save these slow decomposing products from piling up in a landfill.

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