What is Legacy Asset disposal?

Legacy asset disposal is a service we offer to a range of entities including businesses, schools and hospitals in an effort to reduce the impact of electronic waste from unwanted aging devices within organisations.

How does it work?

The Process to Recycle your devices is simple just contact us and let us know the quantity, make and model of your devices and we will be in touch to schedule collection.

Some of our devices contain sensitive data is that an issue?

If some of the devices you are sending to us include sensitive data which needs to be destroyed let us know, depending on the quantity and your requirements there may be additional charges.

We offer:

Data wipe Certificates

Software Data wiping

Physical Data destruction

How much does it cost?

Because these are legacy devices which we do not pay for, there is no cost to yourself for collection we only charge additional fees if you have special requirements such as data destruction.

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