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Racing Wheel SV450

Racing Wheel SV450

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Racing wheel with pedals for PS4, Xbox Serie X/S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

-Wired steering wheel, with 180° rotation

-Sensitivity adjustment

-Button programming

-Paddles on the steering wheel

-Strong suction cup fixing

-Compatible with all racing games (GranTurismo, Forza, Needfor Speed, …)

-Compatible with all PC games (X-Input and Direct Input)

A steering wheel for everyone

The SV450 racing wheel is the racing simulation accessory designed to offer real racing sensations. Designed for all, around a complete range it is delivered with a pedalboard.

A pleasant grip

The SV450 steering wheel offers you a 24 cm wheel with a 180° rotation angle that adapts to your driving habits, fully programmable with 3 sensitivity levels that can be adjusted directly from the steering wheel.

A complete steering wheel

A SUPERDRIVE design with a thoughtful and clean design with two gear shift paddles, a bottom bracket with footrest system and non-slip glides.

Easy to fix

Equipped with suction cups, it can be perfectly fixed on flat surfaces and desks.

Multi-platform compatible

Fully programmable (buttons, pedals, paddles…), it is compatible with all racing games (Gran Turismo Sport, Forza Motor Sport 7, Project Cars 2, F1 2020, Need for Speed, Dirt, WRC, Grid, V Rally 4, Gear Club 2, GTA V…).

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